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  • Author: Robert E. Ricklefs
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This authoritative book provides a readable, comprehensive survey of the fundamentals of ecology as a science it should be available in every college library as a source of information, a model of clarity, and an inspiration to aspiring ecologists Journal of Biological Education


An excellent book for the principles of ecology, especially community and population ecology. Provides an introduction to all the basic concepts in ecology and reviews all the milestone studies in the field. Further, it indicates recent trends in research in the field. The language has been kept simple and equations listed are explained very well. Graphs, pictures and diagrams support the the text and useful in enlightening the reader on key concepts. I would say that it is currently the [...]

I was taught from the first edition of this book by the author himself a few decades ago. Even more-so now than then, the book actually reads well and can be grasped by the non-scientist with a biological bent.Ecology covers the complex interactions between organisms and their environment. It explains why things are as they are in nature with illustrative cases and a quantitative approach to their analysis. How glad I was to find this updated version of an old favorite.

Bought this for an ecology class and although it is an older book it has alot of great information especially for an intro ecology course.

This 3rd edition is the best edition in my opinion, and it's one of the best ecology text books of all time. The 3rd edition includes a lot of detail about the history of ecology, and it includes more theory (in the form of mathematical equations) than most modern text books.Of course it's out of date, but it's an ideal reference book for any ecologist who needs to be reminded about the details of classic models like lotka-Volterra predation / competition, population growth models, resource com [...]

One of the best books ever written on ecology. Unless you are really into "it", you should ignore the math and look for all the little gems in the way of examples with real life organisms. Fascinating and an easy read.

Received book in pretty good condition.

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